The Traveling Hooper Arrives In Kansas!


Every basketball player knows the saying about some white American basketball players. There was even a movie made about it, “White Men Can’t Jump”. They are not athletic by most basketball standards, but we can agree that today’s basketball is all about the jump shot.  Stephen Curry has been a model consistency for that aspect of the game. He basically changed the game and we can also agree shooters were useful back in the day for example, Steph’s coach Steve Kerr were important players on elite championship basketball teams. The big point here is that we can compare Kansas players to NBA shooters and trust me there are way more Steve Kerr’s than Steph. I have played quite a bit ball with Kansas guys and nothing but pure shooters off the dribble or off the catch. They throw in a consistent floater.

Levi Washington @4thlegendz

I’ve never played a pick-up game in the state of Kansas and haven’t played an organized game of basketball in the state since the 8th grade. What I can say is I’ve followed a lot of high school basketball players from Kansas. Ron Baker, Conner Frankamp, and Clayton Cluster are all high school hoops legends in Kansas. Each player should have their names on a plaque or rafter at their schools. Each went on to play meaningful college basketball and have star status at some point. All three have an amazing ability to put the ball and the bucket from range. Each player was virtually unstoppable at the high school level. Conner has the all time scoring record for a league in Kansas, Clayton was good enough to get a basketball scholarship to play for the University of Kansas and put up gawdy high school stats, and Ron is enjoying a run in the NBA. One thing stands out with Kansas basketball players and that is guards seem rule the game but flounder out when the competition becomes more athletic. Of the three great high basketball players they’ve had over the year only three are currently in the NBA and two of them are listed as big men. Kansas guards get all the shine but their bigs are their true crown jewel. Just watch as Willie Cauley-Stein and Semi Ojeleye progress and advance through their NBA careers.

Allen Pettigrew @killingdreams_

Best Current Pro Hoopers: Willie Cauley-Stein, Semi Ojeleye, Ron Baker

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One thought on “The Traveling Hooper Arrives In Kansas!”

  1. Not really a fan of sports but indid enjoy reading the article, thanks to my Husband and Son I actually know who Stephen Curry is! LOL Great read!


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