The Traveling Hooper Takes It Down To Oklahoma


Welcome to Oklahoma ladies and gentlemen! This state might be known more for its football players than its basketball players, but it is home to one of the bigger stars in recent basketball history. That player is non-other than dunk contest legend, Blake Griffin. With only 37 NBA players able to call Oklahoma home, there aren’t a lot of players who have made a name for themselves and others hoopers are still too young to say them same about them. Other professional basketball standouts include Wayman Tisdale, Ron Boone, and John Starks each known for their efficient scoring during their playing time. With a trend of 10 – 15 high level high school athletes receiving Division 1 scholarships there may be an uptick in NBA players from the state within a few years.

One thing that seems to be common with current and great Oklahoma alum are their elite athleticism. Terrance Fergusson, a walking highlight tape rose to fame in high school thanks to his amazing dunking performances on YouTube. Blake Griffin and John Starks both made iconic dunks during their careers with Blake jumping over the short end of a Kia or John dunking on Horace Grant and in my opinion Michael Jordan as well. Wayman Tisdale was labeled an athletic freak in his day and the Heat’s Josh Richardson throws down mean dunks when given enough space. There just may be something in those Oklahoma waters or a great weight training program across the entire state. I’ll let you decide which sounds more logical.

Allen Pettigrew, Twitter: @killingdreams_

I recently began going to AAU tournaments in Oklahoma and remember hooping in a few as a youngster. I saw tons of lanky, athletic with elite mid-range shots especially coming off the pick and roll. I had the pleasure of watching this kid in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jaycson Bereal who is signed to Bosie State. At 6’8” he’s longer than the Grand Canyon, block shots and attacks the rim like no other. He’s an athletic defender, a gifted passer, and a very talented Oklahoma hooper. You’ll find plenty of guys with a similar skill set at a genesis or lifetime fitness gym if you ever hoop in the area. Oklahoma hoopers flock to these gyms and if you’re ever in the area don’t say I didn’t warn you if you get dunked on.

Levi Washington, Twitter: @4thlegendz

Best Pro Hoopers: Blake Griffin, Wayman Tisdale, John Starks

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