The Traveling Hooper Goes for Gold in Georgia

Few places have a brighter future than Georgia’s hoops scene. It’s brimmed with elite talent at every level and is growing by the day. Georgia is part of the few, lucky states boasting over 100 athletes who have made it to the NBA. The home of Hall of Famer and NBA fashion icon Walt Frazier, has established itself as a breeding ground for D1 Hoopers since the onset of the ESPN top 100 era.

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Georgia is home to some of best young talent at every level in basketball. The state will have four representatives playing at the Junior National team minicamp in October. This haul includes consensus top 50 recruits, Isaac Okor from the class of 2019. Top 25 recruits, Sharife Cooper  and Brandon Boston form the class of 2020. Joined by incoming high school freshman Dillon Hunter. This camp continues to crank out the best of the best with so many of the selected few going professional shortly after they’ve graduated. While these four young men may be reaping the benefits of their hard work, there are 22 others prospects from Georgia in the 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes who have garnered attention of their own.

Georgia will also have two top 15 prospects playing for the NBA draft factory, University of Kentucky. Both EJ Montgomery and Ashton Hagans have a shot at being the starters after strong showings during their Bahamas exhibition games. Hagans will bring an undeniable defensive presence at point-guard that Kentucky hasn’t had since Tyler Ulis left for the NBA. Montgomery on the other hand, will have to fight through a crowded front court of five star recruits who have a year of experience at the college level. Whether they get the starting gig or not, believe that both of these young players will have major parts in Kentucky’s success.

At the professional ranks, Georgia has a healthy of mix veteran and young talent. Dwight Howard and Josh Smith are both high flying, defensive-minded, big men who have been playing in the league since 2005. Not only are they multiple time All-Stars, they also played on the same AAU team growing up. The younger group is lead by Jaylen Brown and Malcolm Brogdon. Neither hooper used their youth as an excuse when taking on the biggest challenge in the league in, guarding and dunking on LeBron James.

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Georgia has been a consistent producer of elite talent from the conception of the NBA. Hoopers from this area have learned to maximize their athleticism to put them in the best position possible to achieve their dreams and win at the highest level. Their in-game maturity is highlighted by the heady plays they’re able to make from the start of their careers. If those are signs of things to come, then Georgia’s basketball lineage is in good hands.

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