Traveling Hoopers In Review: Los Angeles Laker Vs. Portland Trail Brazers

Phillip Dixon                                   Twitter: @65_Wizardof MO                               10/19/2018

It’s the first game people, THE FIRST GAME! Can everyone stop jumping the gun and settle down. This morning when waking up and going straight to my phone because I’m a millennial, I started out my daily routine by checking YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter immediately. In between all three of these different outlets, I continued to see common topics being discussed by sportswriters and personalities. “Did last night show that Lonzo ball does not mesh well with the new Lakers” and “Did last night show who the better point guard was on the Lakers team”. People, can we please all calm down? I know this is the era of the twenty-four-hour sports news cycle, so you have to come up with some wack topics to discuss to fill up time, but this was immediately after the game. We could be talking about many other things that make sense to the context of this being the first game for Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers, but to jump the gun like I have been seeing is ridiculous. 

Lonzo-Ball-5Andrew D. Bernstein-NBAE

The Lakers looked interesting all together. Yes, we all still have to get used to seeing Lebron in a Lakers jersey, but that time will come quickly for all of us because we all know this is the Lakers we are talking about so even if it has to get stuffed down our throats (which it will), we will get used to it because we will see them on tv all the time. Just like most game ones of new teammates coming together, we saw that the chemistry was not there quite yet. This is definitely not an issue though. The Lakers have players with too high of IQ’s though so that won’t be a problem. You just have to what sports media. Yes, give them time.

cj and dameJaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

So, excluding the sloppiness of the Lakers, the Trailblazers backcourt looked fantastic as always. The Lakers apparently can’t win in Portland and that did not change for sure last night. But, as a team that shoots a lot of threes, will this strategy work for them in the long run. IT hasn’t worked yet because they exit the playoffs early every year. This style of play is good for the regular season and the beginning of the season especially but outside of Golden State who are the outliers, we have yet to see success. The style of play last night that I saw from the Lakers seems like it is more lasting and at the end of the day will bring about more success. We shall see throughout the course of the season. I hope I’m wrong because Dame and C.J. deserve to go far in the playoffs but I’m positive I’m not wrong. Let’s just say that.

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