Notes From FABC Camp – Bradenton Pt. 2

Bradenton – Part 2 of our FABC camp coverage brings names from every high school class. This list is stacked with a promising 2025 prospect, 2024s ready to making a name for themselves in the summer ranks, 2023s turning promise into production, and a handful of 2022s with deep playoff runs on their mind.


Ja’mier Jones – One of the best incoming freshman in the state Jones has great physicals for a young wing. A nudge over 6-6, he has a nice shooting stroke beyond the three. He shoots well of movement nailing a step back three and a pull up over a 6-6 defender. I’m impressed by his slashing, which will only get better as he gets stronger. He’s good with the ball in his hands, even showing a keen eye for passing out of the pick and roll and when defenses help on drives.

Jayden Dudash – A 6-5 point guard with a superb jumper off the dribble. With his feet set, his shooting was automatic over the two games I watched. Once defenses crowded his jumper, he got past them thanks to a crafty handle. He’s a great break starter that rebounds and looks to push the ball for scores in transition. Though Dudash was more of a scorer than a distributor in this setting, he left the game with a few nice assists out of the pick and roll and an oop assist in transition.

Mike Drayton – My favorite 3 and D prospect out the field. Drayton made 6 3s in two games on good efficiency. He’d shot 4 of 5 from 3 against Gainesville. He locks in on the best guard and has the quickness to mirror their movements. His athleticism pops as a rebounder and on the break. At 6-3 with a decent handle and a competitive edge, the rising sophomore is one to monitor.


Theodore Stephens – Coming off an All-Area team appearance the 6-1 guard looks to get the offense running and getting his teammates easy scoring opportunities. He’s a capable scorer and a fiery leader.

Antwan Townsend – The rising senior plays with poise. Townsend scores out of the midrange and paint area. He’s a good decision maker leaving the game with three assists as he found cutters from the elbow.


Trent Scott – Ranked in the top 100 of state Scott brings 6-4 size and athleticism to the point guard position. As good as his physical abilities are, it’s his on court presence that stands out. He controls the flow of the game and makes the team move the ball. He shoots the ball well from all levels, gets to the paint, and finds teammates in transition. The offense looked much different when he was on the sideline.

P.K. Yonge

Jordan Richardson – Another one of our speed kills candidates, Richardson is an overall athlete. He has great speed with the ball in his hands and uses it to get in the paint.

Palmer Pressly – A savvy 6-2 shooter that made plays throughout the game.


Nehemiah Turner – A 6-8 forward with a big frame. Turner has a good handle for the position and has range out to the three. He rebounds well, especially on the offensive end. The rising junior scores in the paint with solid footwork. The rising junior has a good deal of potential because of his blend of size and ball handling.

Kervin Knaggs – The 2023 guard put up 25, 5, and 5 against a talented FSUS squad. Knaggs scores at all three levels for Auburdale. He created most of his scoring opportunities off the bounce getting to the rim and shooting off the dribble from 15 feet and out. When the ball is in his hands he’s constantly looking to create space to make a play.


Anthony Robinson II – A great third scoring option for a team with two four-star recruits. Robinson knows how to get to his spots to score on all three levels. The jump shot is smooth and he knows how to score around the rim. He’ll be on my must watch list and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does when the offense runs through him his senior year.

Tre Donaldson – A two sport athlete that has a bright future in hoops. He’s a vocal floor general that encourages teammates and fights for them on calls. A powerful frame makes him a good on ball defender that pressures lead ball handlers. He uses his athleticism to intimidate anyone who tries to defend him at the rim. In his game against Jupiter he showcased his fiery side and ability to rebound above his position’s calling.

Jaylen Martin – Two things stand out for Martin on first watch: he smiles the entire game and how smooth his play is. He scored all over the court with his jumper showing off a soft touch. He has a strong body and the athleticism to finish above the rim. His highlight play of the game was a poster that left him smiling and the team patting their heads in unison.


Jackson Baer – Baer leads this team with crafty play. He does little things to lull the defense to sleep before making a move. The rising junior makes tough passes and shoots well from distance.

Alex Houck – An off guard that can handle lead guard duties for minutes at a time. Houck hit several timely threes in his game against FSUS. Tough finishes at the rim against a team with size prove his athleticism.

Conner Weston – Weston’s physical play made him a go to player down the stretch of Jupiter’s FSUS matchup. He could get downhill from the elbow finishing strong at the rim while creating contact for several and1s. He missed a double double by 2 rebounds with at least 3 of those eight rebounds coming on the offensive end.

FW Mitchell

Alec Hilliard – Coming off a strong season where he scored 16 points a game Hilliard looks to continue his strong two-way play. He’s an athletic two guard that takes it to his matchup on both ends. He’s a strong slasher that absorbs contact on drives.

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