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NBA Hot Takes: Steph 3rd MVP, Ja For Most Improved, Top 5 Bulls, & More


We’re just a week into the season which means growing pains are apparent around the league. Well for some teams and players. Others like Steph Curry, Ja Morant, and the Chicago Bulls are turning heads with their early play. So this week we go into Hot Takes. Join us for a MVP prediction switch, who may be the best finisher in the league, why the Nets need Kyrie Irving, and many more.

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NBA Top 75: Who’s In? Who’s Out?


The NBA season is back today and as a Melo says its the Diamond season. Year 75 comes a new list of the greatest players to play the game. We breakdown the players who are on their way out, who’s up next, and the dark horses to make the list. Tell us in the comments below who you think will make it?  

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Nassir Little Interview | What Hosting His First Camp Means To Him

Your first in anything is a big moment. First birthday, first loose tooth, first time driving. They’re all pivotal moments in our development. For professional athletes, hosting their first camp can be a similar experience. 

Roughly 300 kids from ages 8-17 packed the Orlando Christian Prep gym during Friday and Saturday afternoons. Top prospects from central Florida were in attendance, including several middle schoolers that have the chance to replace the older campers.

I sat down with Nassir Little to talk about a dream that’s more than a decade in the making. You can find the video interview here

How long have you wanted to host your own camp?

I went to a Vince Carter camp back in 2010. I think for me seeing how he interacted with us and just being a part of that. From that moment on, it just set a foundation of my dream of going to the NBA and eventually being able to host my own event like that. So I say for about 11 years now I’ve wanted to host something like this.

Wow, that’s dope. So how does it feel to have your first camp at your old high school?

Having my first camp at my old high school is amazing! Being able to give back to a place that I went to and having kids understand the dream is possible to achieve. Having me be here interact with them and just know that the NBA is a tangible thing, is super important. It gives a lot of kids hope, so just having it in this environment has been great. 

What is your overall feeling about how this weekend’s been going and how the event’s been going so far?

I think the camp has been going great. We’ve had a great turnout, a lot of kids have come out, parents have been supportive of it. We’ve had people donate and sponsor kids for them to be here. These kids are out here having fun, being able to learn a couple of things, and getting involved with the game. It’s important to get kids active and just be a part of the community. So I think it’s been going great and I can’t wait to do it again.

I know I said we only have three questions, but I have one more just to be messy. Who’s been your favorite group so far: the little kids or the high school guys? 

It’s kind of hard to say a favorite group. Each side brings a different element that I like. With the younger group, there’s just a little more joy. They’re just excited to be out there running around. They have a blast with everything. They’re so excited and cheerful. 

With the older kids, they’re a little cooler. So their enthusiasm isn’t the same level, but I feel like their competitive nature and attention to detail is a bit higher. And I like that. I think they compete at a higher level. They grasp the concepts a little better, which is expected.

Both have elements I like and appreciate. Me being a part of both of them is a perfect balance. 

Elite 32: Top Prospects & Top Performers

On The Radar Hoops hosted a stellar event with talent from all over the country. The first week of the live period is in the can. Let’s talk top prospects and performers that showed out in Atlanta.

BMM Select

Matt Reed – Reed continues to produce on the low block. Between impeccable footwork and a right hand with a soft touch. Reed’s an efficient paint scorer. He rebounds well and has range to the three point line.

Young & Reckless

Steve Turner – The Simeon product stands 6-9 with a solid frame. He has the footwork to create scoring opportunities in the post. He uses vertically to alter shots and is a force on the offensive boards.

Georgia Stars

RJ Johnson – At 6-3 Johnson carries a big frame for a guard. He plays an active brand of on and off-ball defense. The 2023 guard is explosive on the break and attacking the rim in the half court.

Grant Whitaker – Another athletic guard coming from Georgia stars 2023 ranks. The 6-4 guard caught a putback dunk to cap off a solid weekend.

Promise Elite

Damoni Harrison – Harrison didn’t have a problem getting to the rim. He got to the rim with his quickness. He has great speed on ball speed for a 6-5 point guard.

Malcolm Noel – Noel earned an offer from Earlham College with his shooting. The 5-10 guard hits shots off the dribble from the mid-range and beyond the three.

Fundamental U

Nathan Boldt – The under recruited 6-10 stretch big has good mobility. He impressed with athletic drives that netted him consistent points in the paint.

E1T1 2023

Cheikh Ndiaye – A wide-shouldered 6-9 big that can protect the rim and finish above the rim.

Jason Jackson – Jackson produced some of the Elite 32’s best highlights. He’s an above the rim athlete that can also dial it up from distance. The 2023 prospect took defenders off the dribble and finished at the cup.

Sean Stewart – Stewart’s combination of size and mobility makes him an intriguing prospect. He shows soft touch out to the free throw line.

GA Canes

Shamir Wingfield – Wingfield is Lightning with the ball in his hands. He consistently gets downhill allowing him to make plays in the paint.

Domonik Henderson – To quote Shun Williams, Henderson’s weekend was best described as “productive”. He was a consistent double-digit scorer over the four-day event and landed a nice poster to remember the weekend.

Nightrydas 17

Jazian Gortman – The newly minted 5 star guard showed off freakish athleticism all weekend.

Malik Reneau – A technician on the block, Reneau made shots all around the paint. He shows proficiency with both hands and good footwork on either block.

Nightrydas 16

Anthony Robinson – Robinson continues to score efficiently on all three in every event he plays in. He connected on a three, used his quickness to get in the paint and possess a smooth pull up jumper from the elbow. The 2023 prospect also sinks free throws at a high rate.

Sam Walters – At 6-11 Walters brings the mobility and outside inside needed to be a productive stretch 4. Though his frame is still thin his long arms make him a deterrent at the rim for his 16U competition. He had a nice spin move in transition that showed his handle.

AJ Pierre-Jerome – The team’s second Montverde product hawked down an opposing player for a transition block. He’d later score in transition proving that the 6-9 big man can really move in the open court. He was tenacious on the offensive boards. In the half-court, Pierre-Jerome’s lefty hook connected out of a spin move.

Keenan Johnson – The next part of Johnson’s development is going to be scoring more consistently in the mid-range. After getting in the paint on a drive the 6-8 rising junior sank a floater.

Nigie Cook – Cook runs the floor with his big 6-5 wing. He runs the floor and hits threes in transition.

Nightrydas 15

Ian Smickle – The 6-9 big man out of Suncoast high school is producing at an early age. He moves well for his size, finishes strong at the rim, and contributes on the defensive end.


Taylor Hendricks – At 6-9 with an athletic frame Hendricks has the size and skill to be a versatile difference maker at the next level. He has a solid stroke from outside knocking down a couple of threes from the top of the key. The way he moves at his size makes him a forceful putback dunker.

AJ Brown – This 6-4 2022 guard is a long shooter you can stick on either wing.

Brice Sensabaugh – 6-6 with a thick frame Sensabaugh gives you a shooter you can stick on bigger players. The 2022 prospects is also a high academic achiever with a 4.0+ GPA.

Day 2

Team ME

Deshawn Jean-Charles – A 6-6 guard that looks good with the ball in his hands. Despite having a strong frame, it was his ability to shoot out of size up moves that impressed.

Faheim Meran – Team ME looked like big guard U and 6-5 Meran is exemplary of the program. He broke down his defender, finding cutting teammates along the way.

Team Speights 2023

Karmello Branch – Jack of all trades Karmello Branch showed off a consistent catch and shoot jumper from 3.

Real Phenom

Payton Mogire – Mogire is easily one of the biggest sleepers at Elite 32. At 6-9, 6-10 the 2022 prospect possesses effortless explosive athleticism. He rebounded and finished above the rim over the 4-day event.

SW IL Jets

Ethyn Brown – I liked Brown’s ability to score in transition. He got out in traffic to throw thunderous dunk in transition.

Dampier Evans – Evans can create scoring opportunities for himself off the dribble. At 6-5, he was able to size his defender up to get downhill spin in the lane and finish a lay up in traffic.

Team AJ Bouye

Aiden Jones – The lone Florida prospect on a team full of Georgians, Jones stands out with his shooting. He made deep threes displaying range several feet beyond the college 3. He’s shot 40% on catch and shoot opportunities in the three games I watched on 5 threes a game. The hesitation pull up jumper looks nice as he buried one in traffic. Playing up an age group Jones fits well as an athlete pinning a shot on the backboard in transition.

Jelani Thurman – Displaying positive swingman abilities, Thurman affected both sides of the court. He had erased a shot at the rim and showed a passing acumen on the half court.


RChaun King – The bouncy 6-5 guard is a promising 2024 prospect to track in the Memphis area. King drew a foul on the break where he knocked down a pair of free throws.

Norcross 2025

Michael Carpenter – This incoming freshman is a quick guard that can get downhill. He scores at the rim through contact, notching several and1 under his belt. Carpenter has a good handle and is a shade under 6 foot. He’ll be part of a strong underclassman core in the Georgia area.

CP25 North

Caleb Hughes – Much like CP25’s overall team Hughes knows how to play the game. He has range beyond the college three, plays under control, and made several defensive plays against his matchup. The 2024 prospect is a decent athlete.

TSF 17

Cameron Walker – The Milton point guard can get to the rim and scores behind the three point line.

Howard Pulley

Evan Boyd – The 6-4 guard has a wide set of shoulders that can add size as he develops physically. He’s a good catch n shoot specialist with college range.

Day 3

CP3 15U

Bishop Boswell – Boswell scores on all three levels. He made catch and shoot threes, pull jumpers, and gets downhill to attack defenders off the dribble. The 6-3 guard has a tight handle and the speed to beat others in transition.

Colorado Blackhawks

LaDavian King – King can really shoot the ball from deep. He knocked down shots from the top of the key and wing from 22+ feet out. With range like this, he becomes a 2025 prospect worthy of a close eye.

Carson McDonald – A 6-7 2024 big man that operates well out of the post. He can pass out of moves, uses power dribbles to create space, and has a Dirk-like jumper that separates him from defenders. He’s an active rebounder that will keep possessions alive by tipping that ball until it’s secure.

California Stars Black

Justin Williams – A shifty guard that can get to the rim, finish, and shoot the three.

Jed Miller – Miller broke his high school scoring record with a 62 point game his junior year. He’s following up that performance with terrific shooting. Off the catch, he nails 2 of his 3 attempts and has good mechanics as a shooter off movement. He uses his handle to attack opponents off the dribble. He also shows good defensive instincts.

Garrett Andre – Long term Andre could be a steal as an unsigned senior. In this showcase, he ran the floor and blocked shots as a 6-10 big man. He stretches the court with range out to 18 feet where he can really knock down short corner jumpers. The California Stars list him as a 2022 prospect so he may return for a post grad year.

Denim Dawson Jones – A shifty 6-5 guard that has deep range on his dribble pull up.

Team Speights

Jamar Franklin – Franklin’s highlight of the week was a deep running three that knocked off team Durant. It was just one of his three made shots from beyond the arc.

Derrick Mitchell – A 6-5 guard that can knock down shots behind the arc.

Krishen Atwal – Atwal’s inside-out presence appeared in Atlanta. He has the strength to finish through contact and the range to connect from the college 3.

CP3 17U

Christian Reeves – Reeves size was obvious over the stream. At the tip off he dwarfed his matchup that was listed at 6-9. Despite looking a little stiff in his first game, he finished with authority at the rim.

Jaden Bradley – Speed is still the name of the game for the North Carolina native. It gets him in the paint after he uses his shifty moves to shed defenders. His speed netted him a few steals where he displayed his abilities in transition. He didn’t get off to a hot start but as the game progress his shots found the bottom of the net.

Kheni Briggs – A wide shouldered 6-4 shooting guard, Briggs added spacing out to the college three.

Georgia Legacy

Robert Dix – Dix got it going from deep to keep his day 2 game close. In back-to-back-to-back possessions he connected on a step-back 3, made another over a tough contest, and drew a foul on another shot from deep.

Braden Pierce – Playing stretch 5 at the college level is definitely in the cards for this 7 footer. He connected on a shot from deep and proved he can take slower foot bigs off the dribble.

Kami Young – Mercer extended Young an offer after a strong 4 day performance in Atlanta.

Team Huncho

Malique Ewin – Ewin’s combination of size and speed in the open court made for a scary sight. The 6-10, 220 4 star center put up good rebounding numbers against stiff competition including two top flight EYBL teams.

Trentyn Flowers – Playing up two age groups, Flowers is making a bid to have stars next to his name when 2024 rankings expand. His game is incredibly smooth and at 6-8, his ceiling is high. A lot of his production came around the rim.

Jehmari Hill – A two sport athlete whose athleticism is apparent on the break.

Team Takeover

Dug McDaniel – The most recent 2022 Michigan commit is our speed kills award recipient. He’s an absolute blur with the ball in his hands. His quickness produces plays on both sides of the court.

Team Thad

Every single player on Team Thad was a defensive difference maker in Atlanta. This is a great defensive team that will make it tough on a lot of EYBL teams.

Solomon Washington – Washington is a go to wing stopper. At 6-7, he’s competitive and athletic with a long wingspan. He’s an effortless above the rim and transition finisher.

Malik Dia – Contact doesn’t mean much to Dia once he’s in motion. He absorbed and exploded through defenders all weekend. A few of his highlights from the weekend include a nasty poster and a drive that saw the 6-7 power finish through his similar sized defenders with ease.

Jalen Hood-Schfino – Montverde’s jumbo point guard consistently used his handle to get behind the defense for paint touches that lead to open threes. He did his damage from distance when he set his feet. He scores in transition and his size makes him a switchable defender.

Kimani Hamilton – A 6-8 spring loaded athlete.

Amarr Knox – This Memphis native is going to brings bounce to Penny’s roster in 2022. He threw down big dunks and hung in the air during and1 finishes. In the half court, he can in the teeth of the defense for kick outs.

Howard Pulley

Trejaun Holloman – The number 1 ranked player in Minnesota showcased deep range on his jump shot.

Day 4


Ikenna Ezeogu – The Iowa State football commit is clearly trying to get a coveted dual offer from the school. His 6-6 tight end build suits him at either forward spot. He’s a high level athlete, an above average finisher through contact, and displays wing skills. He’s an active, high motor defender who can knock down the wing three. Sealing an already productive package Ezeogu provides a rebounding presence on the offensive and defensive boards.

Joao Ramirez – Juju is a really quick 6-8 forward. He attacks off the dribble making quick work of the space in front of him. He’s a solid offensive rebounder.

California Stars Red

Jeremiah Paul – Paul was a consistent guest at the rim. The 6-4 wing flew at the hole every time the chance presented itself.

Game Elite

Sean Ivory – A 6-7 energizer that made plays as a defender and off ball scorer. Ivory had a sequence with back-to-back blocks while covering a lot of ground. He scored off strong cuts and off the catch threes.

Owen Setterlind – A 6-3 guard that connected on several corner threes.

Asher Woods – Woods gives you good energy at the off guard spot. He got into a good shooting groove on day 4, hitting two wing threes and a pull up jumper en route to double figures.

Dechun Rutherford – A 5-10 floor general that showed the ability to shoot off the dribble with a clutch step back three.

Team Durant

Rodney Rice – The DeMatha guard’s jump shot was working overtime on day 4. It was an overall good scoring game as he knocked down three after three to expand Team Durants’s lead. A foul on a heat check three saw him hit a trifecta at the free throw line. He showed his athleticism on the break with a putback and break away finish on his own.

Chas Kelley – One of the better perimeter defenders at the event. He consistently made ball handlers change angles. The 6-5 guard also has a nice stroke from three.

Rob Lawson – Lawson shows the makings of a good lay up package as he switched his hands to avoid the trees. That craft around the rim will be on display at EYBL’s two-week gauntlet.

Dariq Whitehead – Whitehead contributed to good team defense. He forced turnovers with good positioning and a willingness to sacrifice his body. As a scorer, many of his points came around the rim.

Cole Paar – Paar fought for deep positioning in the paint. He scored in the post with pump fakes and good footwork. He was a consistent finisher all weekend.

Judah Mintz – Oak Hill has another incoming senior whose stock is going to benefit from their strength of schedule. Mintz had an impressive day finishing above the rim. The 6-4 guard has a sturdy frame and powers through contact. He also buried a pull up jumper in isolation.

Khalif Crawley – Crawley is an athletic 6-9 forward that covers a lot of ground with his movements. The ability helped him finish through contact tough and block shots after defensive rotations.

CP3 2023

Derrick Green – Green has serious pop in sturdy 6-9 250+ frame. He dunked off vertical in traffic.

Aden Holloway – Holloway proved to be a three point sniper and a heady floor general for a talented CP3 backcourt that can fill the cup.

Gregory Jackson – The number 1 junior in South Carolina might be slender now but he has the real estate to change that in the upcoming years. Now listed 2 inches taller at 6-10 he adds to the CP3 bigs who finish at the rim with authority.

Robert Dillingham – The Instagram name Robwitdashifts fits the 5 star guard well. Dillingham breaks down defenders with his handle then it’s up to discernment whether he wants to torch you with the jumper or at the rim. He was proficient at finishing around the rim in Atlanta.

Biggest Risers, Fallers, and Surprises From Latest 2022 Rankings

ESPN and 247Sports dropped their 2022 rankings hours apart and boy have they changed the landscape of the top 100. There’s a rift between the class’ number 1 overall recruit. 247 gave Jalen Duren the nod and after watching him in 13 games during the St. James bubble and GEICO Nationals I can’t fault them. ESPN heralds Emoni Bates as their number 1 overall prospect and after being considered the second-best recruit in high school basketball only to 2021 Gonzaga commit Chet Holmgren I can’t fault them either. Both their lists have a ton of new faces in new places. Let’s look at some of the biggest risers, fallers, and surprises from this update.

Biggest risers

Anthony Black

If you’ve been in the state of Texas, you’ve heard the name and watched the growth from his initial 3 star 130 ranking in 2020 to his 5 star 16th ranking now. He’s transformed from a 6-5 combo guard with a two-way presence to a 6-7 point guard who does everything well. A spring filled with national competition allowed those around the country to learn just how dominant the guard has become. Black will be a part of a Coppell team with state title hopes. The elite playmaker and his sharpshooting teammate Ryan Argawal have the cowboys poised for another deep run through the Texas 6A gauntlet.

Derek Lively II

After hovering between 30-40 since his ranking induction in 2019, Lively been on a steady rise since April. Strong showings at Pangos All-American Camp landed him on the top 30 all star team. Brandon Jenkins of 247 puts him in the same lane of athlete as fellow 7 footer Tyson Chandler but developing 3 point range gives him what he needs to succeed in the modern game as a shot blocking unicorn type of player. He’ll be returning to Westtown School in Pennsylvania where a National schedule will follow.

Shaeden Sharpe

Sharpe still holds one of our YouTube page’s most viewed highlights from his sophomore year playing with Sunrise Christian Academy during the Elite 14 showcase. Since then his stock has been all over the place until October while suiting up for his new home team Dream City Christian, a Grind Session team based out of Arizona. In the 12 games recorded by The Season Ticket, he averaged 21 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1.2 turnovers while leading his team to a top 3 finish. Sharpe proved and produced against top tier competition, taking his ranking from 59 all the way to 5 star status at number 8 in the country.

Honorable Mentions:

Ernest Udeh Jr. – Udeh took it to every big he came across this spring. He’s received massive jumps from all the major recruiting sites none bigger than 247’s jump from 163 to 22. The move grants the 6-10 Dr. Phillips HS center a fifth star and the greatest move of this update.

Dug McDaniel – The speedy playmaker made plays and racked up buckets with ease against the nation’s best in the St. James bubble. A commitment Juwan Howard and the Michigan Wolverines fits the Paul VI Catholic point guard.

Biggest Fallers

Rylan Griffen

A fall in both rankings says far more about this class than it does for Griffin’s abilities on the court. An athletic guard from the onset of his development the rising senior has taken it to new heights over the past year. His ball handling has followed and for someone who’s always been a strong shooter, it’s opened his shooting off the dribble and slashing. With nearly half a dozen posters in just the opening months of the summer season, his highlight reel is bound to grow. He’ll be on the 3SSB Adidas circuit with Team Trae Young. Expect for him to establish himself as an upper crust scorer and shot creator.

Felix Okpara

When we talk defensive prospects in the 2022 class mentioning Okpara’s name would be wise. Based on his physicals alone, Okpara makes a difference patrolling the paint. His overall athletic ability allows him to move on the perimeter for short stints. His ability to slide over as a help side defender with great agility and a 7 foot plus wingspan shrinks the rim. He swatted 20 shots while grabbing 50 rebounds in the 6 games that Hamilton Heights played in the St. James bubble. As great as his defensive output is he lacks on the offensive end. During that time he showed a developing right hand hook from about ten feet out and attempted 15 threes making just 3. He’s a double-double threat every time he steps on the court but size and strength limit his offensive production at this point. With his upside being this high it’s a surprise that his ranking would fall. Like Griffen’s move I believe this is a testament to the strength of the 2022 class.

Biggest Surprise

Jordan Walsh

Walsh makes our biggest surprise thanks to his variance between the 2 services. 247Sports has the athletic Southern California Academy transfer on the back half of their rankings at 88. On the other hand ESPN has him at 12 adding him to a growing list of 5 star recruits from Texas. I’ve been on the record saying Walsh has the physicals and athleticism to be one of the most effective perimeter defenders in the country. ESPN’s rankings highly weigh on what a prospect can do at the next level. I’d say the same defensive potential I see is what they’re betting on. 247 is lower on Walsh it may be his lack of a perimeter shot and limited handle that cause their gap.

Jaden Bradley

A 5 star for ESPN, 4 star for 247, and a composite 5 star overall. It’s not so much a raw number drop that places Bradley in this category it’s the positional rankings. This is Bradley’s first time outside of the top 5, now as the 6th ranked point guard in the class. Thanks to the rise of Jazian Gortman at number 1, the expected rise of Arterio Morris at 4, and Bruce Thornton at 5, a move that saw Thornton just miss 5 star status. The composite still favors him thanks to every other publication still placing him as top 3 point guard in the class. The three guards listed above earned their bumps. After underwhelming performances against the top 2021 guards during IMG’s St. James appearance and a slow start to the season, the drop isn’t egregious. Bradley’s transformation from speedster to a guy who plays at least 3 different speeds two of which allow him to explode out of pick and rolls helped him average 19 points and 6 assists a game during a GEICO Nationals. Watching him lead team CP3 and IMG will be paramount in his climb back up the boards.

Notes From FABC Camp – Bradenton Pt. 2

Bradenton – Part 2 of our FABC camp coverage brings names from every high school class. This list is stacked with a promising 2025 prospect, 2024s ready to making a name for themselves in the summer ranks, 2023s turning promise into production, and a handful of 2022s with deep playoff runs on their mind.


Ja’mier Jones – One of the best incoming freshman in the state Jones has great physicals for a young wing. A nudge over 6-6, he has a nice shooting stroke beyond the three. He shoots well of movement nailing a step back three and a pull up over a 6-6 defender. I’m impressed by his slashing, which will only get better as he gets stronger. He’s good with the ball in his hands, even showing a keen eye for passing out of the pick and roll and when defenses help on drives.

Jayden Dudash – A 6-5 point guard with a superb jumper off the dribble. With his feet set, his shooting was automatic over the two games I watched. Once defenses crowded his jumper, he got past them thanks to a crafty handle. He’s a great break starter that rebounds and looks to push the ball for scores in transition. Though Dudash was more of a scorer than a distributor in this setting, he left the game with a few nice assists out of the pick and roll and an oop assist in transition.

Mike Drayton – My favorite 3 and D prospect out the field. Drayton made 6 3s in two games on good efficiency. He’d shot 4 of 5 from 3 against Gainesville. He locks in on the best guard and has the quickness to mirror their movements. His athleticism pops as a rebounder and on the break. At 6-3 with a decent handle and a competitive edge, the rising sophomore is one to monitor.


Theodore Stephens – Coming off an All-Area team appearance the 6-1 guard looks to get the offense running and getting his teammates easy scoring opportunities. He’s a capable scorer and a fiery leader.

Antwan Townsend – The rising senior plays with poise. Townsend scores out of the midrange and paint area. He’s a good decision maker leaving the game with three assists as he found cutters from the elbow.


Trent Scott – Ranked in the top 100 of state Scott brings 6-4 size and athleticism to the point guard position. As good as his physical abilities are, it’s his on court presence that stands out. He controls the flow of the game and makes the team move the ball. He shoots the ball well from all levels, gets to the paint, and finds teammates in transition. The offense looked much different when he was on the sideline.

P.K. Yonge

Jordan Richardson – Another one of our speed kills candidates, Richardson is an overall athlete. He has great speed with the ball in his hands and uses it to get in the paint.

Palmer Pressly – A savvy 6-2 shooter that made plays throughout the game.


Nehemiah Turner – A 6-8 forward with a big frame. Turner has a good handle for the position and has range out to the three. He rebounds well, especially on the offensive end. The rising junior scores in the paint with solid footwork. The rising junior has a good deal of potential because of his blend of size and ball handling.

Kervin Knaggs – The 2023 guard put up 25, 5, and 5 against a talented FSUS squad. Knaggs scores at all three levels for Auburdale. He created most of his scoring opportunities off the bounce getting to the rim and shooting off the dribble from 15 feet and out. When the ball is in his hands he’s constantly looking to create space to make a play.


Anthony Robinson II – A great third scoring option for a team with two four-star recruits. Robinson knows how to get to his spots to score on all three levels. The jump shot is smooth and he knows how to score around the rim. He’ll be on my must watch list and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does when the offense runs through him his senior year.

Tre Donaldson – A two sport athlete that has a bright future in hoops. He’s a vocal floor general that encourages teammates and fights for them on calls. A powerful frame makes him a good on ball defender that pressures lead ball handlers. He uses his athleticism to intimidate anyone who tries to defend him at the rim. In his game against Jupiter he showcased his fiery side and ability to rebound above his position’s calling.

Jaylen Martin – Two things stand out for Martin on first watch: he smiles the entire game and how smooth his play is. He scored all over the court with his jumper showing off a soft touch. He has a strong body and the athleticism to finish above the rim. His highlight play of the game was a poster that left him smiling and the team patting their heads in unison.


Jackson Baer – Baer leads this team with crafty play. He does little things to lull the defense to sleep before making a move. The rising junior makes tough passes and shoots well from distance.

Alex Houck – An off guard that can handle lead guard duties for minutes at a time. Houck hit several timely threes in his game against FSUS. Tough finishes at the rim against a team with size prove his athleticism.

Conner Weston – Weston’s physical play made him a go to player down the stretch of Jupiter’s FSUS matchup. He could get downhill from the elbow finishing strong at the rim while creating contact for several and1s. He missed a double double by 2 rebounds with at least 3 of those eight rebounds coming on the offensive end.

FW Mitchell

Alec Hilliard – Coming off a strong season where he scored 16 points a game Hilliard looks to continue his strong two-way play. He’s an athletic two guard that takes it to his matchup on both ends. He’s a strong slasher that absorbs contact on drives.

Notes From FABC Camp – Bradenton Pt. 1

Bradenton – FABC Camp in Bradenton marks the Traveling Hoopers first event in Florida. With a good group of teams from the all over the state in particular Tampa and Florida we got a good landscape of local hoops. This will be the first of a two part series detailing the stand outs from the event.

Trinity Prep

Javon Bennet – An athletic small guard that loves to push the pace. His athleticism makes him a good rebounder for the position where his court vision takes over on the break. That same vision shows up in the halfcourt where he kicks to open shooters and cutters. He had a phenomenal shooting day going 6 of 8 from the three. Bennet’s range extends beyond the college three.

Krishen Atwal – At 6-6 Atwal brings a lot of size to the wing. His frame allows him to power through contact leading to 3 and 1s on the night. He shoots well from the outside, making 2 of his 3 attempts from the corner against solid closeouts.

Josh Cooper – Sitting somewhere between 6-6 and 6-7 is the play finisher, Cooper. He rebounds, runs the floor, and scores around the basket.


Gabriel McCoy – At 6-6 with a bruiser game McCoy carves out space on the block. He rebounds and makes up for his lack of height with a muscular build.

West Nassau

Keenan Johnson – A versatile 6-8 wing with a growing offensive game. All weekend he showed off a developing mid range pull up. Johnson can defend positions 1-4 making switching an easy task for the rising junior. Jacksonville State is currently in the mix for the young and after a season where he’ll have an extended role in the offense they won’t be the only one.


Jayden Butler – Butler manufactures offense. He ended the game on an 8 point run that included back-to-back stepback threes against good defense and a crafty move that lead to a layup. He has a strong handle that allows him to create his shot at any time. Besides having a good build for the game he shows a will to win in the closing moments of the game.

Tampa Catholic

Karter Knox – The youngest Knox brother is a 6-5 guard that can score in multiple ways. He has deep range on his jumper and shoots with volume and accuracy. He can score out of the post with turnaround jumpers. The 2024 prospect showed off his athleticism with big blocks and nasty poster attempts. Just to add in some fun, Knox is a deceptive passer. Already listed as a top 5 player in his Florida for his class he’s likely to have stars by his name when national rankings drop.

Caleb Gatewood – A good defensive prospect with long arms and guard skills. Gatewood blocks shots, rebounds, and finishes plays. He connected on a few shots from deep and caught an alley oop throughout the three games I watched.

Eddrin Bronson – This 2023 prospect brings shooting and size to the guard position. He’s dangerous off the catch and dribble, making him a dynamic scorer for Tampa Catholic. He also locks in on defense forcing the opponent to play at a faster tempo. Current interest includes 2 SEC schools.

Karmello Branch – Branch proved to be a do it all wing in his time on the court. He has good size for the position and fits well in the offense.

Fleming Island

Bennie McDuffie – With zone-busting speed McDuffie ran past full court pressure to find open teammates down the court. In the halfcourt that speed helps the undersized guard get to the paint for scoring opportunities. Before transferring to Fleming Island the rising senior averaged 20 points in his final three games at Mandarin HS.

Ahman Greenidge – A tough physical forward that score on the block and has perimeter skills.

Archbishop McCarthy

Tyler Brant – Brant has some go to his game. The 6-3 CG has range to volleyball line off the catch and the dribble. He’s an aggressive scorer that draws the attention of help defenders giving him the chance to distribute to his teammates. Brant creates space thanks to his shifty play. The 2022 prospect showed electric athleticism on break by punching a big dunk through the rim in the second half.

Who Want The Smoke All Upside Team

Chris Johnson

The only 2023 on a crowded 17U Johnson has the physicals to look right at home with the rising senior class. There were several drives where the guard displaced his bigger 2021 defender for good finishes at the rim. His combination of size, athleticism, and strength sets him up for more production this summer.

Scottie Johnson

Standing about 6-5 Johnson is a young athletic combo forward. Johnson beat a 6-9 center for a tip, threw down a couple of dunks on the break, and rebounded with the best of them. With the athleticism he’s shown on the perimeter and the break a role on the wing is inevitable for the 2024 prospect.

Kuol Atak

6-9 and mobile Attak brings a good blend of skills and size to the four. He rebounds and pushes the ball himself looking for any open looks in the transition. He showed a good jumper behind the arc and promising mechanics on his pull-up. As 2024 prospects go, his upside could land him some big local offers well before graduation.

Micah Robinson

Robinson adds to the list of forwards that can rebound and push the ball in transition. His versatile play stuffed the stat sheet against the toughest fields in the 14U division. In the half court, his face-up game opens him to cutters and sets up his mid-range jumper. A great frame for his age and a growing IQ have already earned him two high major offers.

Koat Keat

A three star center out of California that can shoot the three and run the floor as a 7 footer. Keat protects the rim as well though his biggest defensive highlight came from a chase-down block on transition.

Clarence Payia

Payia checks the strength, physicality, and athleticism boxes needed for an undersized 4 to be effective at the next level. He just finished his sophomore year playing an important role on a state championship-winning Beaumont United team.

Mercy Miller

Miller’s carving his name into the 2024 class as a scorer. The jumper is good, and he has a knack for getting near the rim after a move.

Lamar Washington

Scouting services hold Lamar Washington, the football player in higher regard than Lamar Washington the basketball player, but trust me he fits on the court. At 6-4 he plays the off guard using his natural size and strength advantage to pressure opposing guards. It would lead to a few tough stops, none better than the strip steal turned scramble where he’d recover the ball for an assist. The ball won’t stick in his hands giving him netting him 3 assists against Team Griffin. He showed a reliable shot from deep against Team Griffin and a solid drive game. A recent 50+ point game really shows off his scoring repertoire.

Arguments for Each Gatorade Player of The Year Finalist

There are few higher personal honors in high school basketball than winning National Player of The Year (NPOY) with any platform. The three finalists for 2020 NPOY, Emoni Bates the prodigy, Cade Cunningham Mr. pro-ready, and Evan Mobley the definition of potential, have been the top player in their class and could easily be marked as the three most valuable prospects in all of Hoops. See all three young men deserve the award, in many years they’d have it in the bag yet, in the year 2020 these potential number 1 picks have built cases to add the final piece to their high school chapter or potentially the first of many.

Cade Cunningham

To say Cade would have been the sleeper for this award just a year ago is laughable until you look at his competition. Winning Cunningham, gaining the number 1 spot after a dominant year on the EYBL circuit, earning league MVP. Garnering national attention through production and some of the smoothest highlights I’ve seen since Kyle “Slow-Mo” Anderson isn’t new to Cunningham but what it’s turned into as of late is. 

The circuit success may have been just icing on the cake as Cade led the US FIBA U19 to gold. He’d turn into a media darling receiving Luka Doncic comparisons. No one sang his praises more than Dallas. His way of paying them back? A sell-out crowd at the American Airlines Center.

Cunningham continued his dominant ways with Kevin Boyle and Montverde Academy. Their undefeated (25-0) season of vengeance, ended early by COVID-19, taking the likes of Texas powerhouse Duncanville, Hunter Dickinson’s DeMatha, a DJ Steward Whitney Young squad, Sharife Cooper’s McEachern twice, two IMG Academy defeats, Johnathan Kuminga and The Patrick School. Do you get the trend?

Cunningham played against the best while being the best player while playing on one of the best high school teams we’ve seen in some time. The path to the national title though paved with talent seemed well within grasp.

Evan Mobley

Mobley’s been this class chosen one since the summer going into his junior year. Everything clicked, Mobley’s immense physical frame and mobility sold scouts on a much higher ceiling for the 7 footer. He was practically the ready mix prospect just add strength and behold top 5 pick, a possible franchise changer.

Now as a senior his goal was obvious; surpass what he and his brother did a year ago. Never an easy task with California’s gauntlet of elite teams, none more famous than Sierra Canyon and their 5-star assault. Mobley accomplished the latter in December before falling to them in January.

Though his team would come up short in the opening CIF Open Division round what they accomplished was admirable. He averaged near 20 points, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks a game in one of the toughest schedules in the nation while being a defensive game-changer. Production that would earn the highest honors in other years.

Mobley’s case is the hardest to fight for. By the numbers and narrative alone he’s outmatched. Being in the strongest natural conference helps but without the two things above he has the hardest hill to climb and that he tried.

But what he has on everyone is a resume reserved for high school’s best recruits. A 2-time gold medalist in the FIBA games, U17 and U19. He’s a winner and a defensive presence at the highest level. Being named Morgan Wootten National Player of The Year April 1st highlights character and game.

Emoni Bates

The case for Bates is obvious – 

“I haven’t seen a talent like this at that age.” – Evan Daniels

Magic, Michael, LeBron … Emoni Bates? Meet the 15-Year-Old Next in Line – Michael Rosenberg, Sports Illustrated

63 in a game on February 18th, 2020

Bates is the golden ticket of Basketball potential, but today it’s all about production. No one listed above boasts a better average stat line – 32 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals – to boot there’s an argument that he’s the most impactful player for his team. Don’t get me wrong Mobley and Cunningham are their team’s powerhouse but in their wake are heavily coveted recruits behind them. Behind Bates are kids still finding their lane.

No one dominates quite like this sophomore. Arguably it’s against weaker competition than his competition, but how he goes about his business is astonishing. 

For Bates, it’s just not about winning the award but the symbol that comes with it. Giving this sophomore National player of The Year opens the floodgates of the Bates era. Winning puts the national stamp on a 15 year who’s prepared for this moment before his high school career started.

He’d be the first sophomore ever to win the award, putting him on a path to be the first 3 time winner. This is a legacy thing for the young man.

It’s easy to assume if the only two people stopping you from taking home one of the biggest awards in high school basketball this year when they’re gone, the next is a question of who will emerge to stop him.

The Traveling Hoopers in Review: Philly Vs. Toronto

The Toronto Raptors won a big game over a potential Eastern conference championship opponent last night. The 76ers got off to a hot start before Kawhi Leonard, and company started a run of their own. 

After the Sixers plague of turnovers in the second quarter, the Raptors gained a lead. Toronto closed the night out with 15 more points from turnovers than Philly.Jimmy Butler’s 38 points couldn’t close the gap. Not even JJ Redick’s 25 points were enough to turn things around with Joel Embiid (10) and Ben Simmons (8) having a low scoring night.

The Raptors shot a below average 43% from the field as a team with Kawhi leading the way with an efficient 36 points. Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam anchored Toronto’s tight defense. The duo did everything including combining for 24 points and 16 rebounds.

The game ended 113 – 102 in favor of Toronto. Philly played a tight game but their turnover struggle was too much to handle. The Raptors continue to increase their lead on the eastern conference with every win they earn.